Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Robert Daughters - Master Artist

Near Embudo

I'm so excited to share this image and information on my newest favorite artist, Robert Daughters. Mr. Daughters is a seasoned, professional artist and I can't believe that I've never happened across his incredible work before now.

The image above has inspired me so much since I found it last weekend that I wrote to the Meyer Gallery in Santa Fe - home to Daughter's work - and asked for permission to share this information with you. Happily they very generously gave me permission as well as sent a high resolution image.

According to their site Meyer Gallery has been in operation for 30 years and if you know anything about the art gallery business that's a major accomplishment. As nice as they were to me I'm not surprised they have run a successful business for so many years. I hope you will use the link and visit their site when you have a few minutes for a quality art viewing experience. Happily, I also noticed that they have a lay-away plan for purchasing art which gives me hope that I'll be able to feed my addiction for owning original art - especially as my latest dream is to own an original Robert Daughters. Ok, enough gushing, now for the painting…

When I first saw Near Embudo saying I was moved is an understatement. The subject matter, a landscape not far from Taos (which as you might remember is my favorite place on earth) pulled me in, but his incredible brush work - short strokes which energize the canvas with vibrant movement, as well as the strong, brilliant colors and the wonderful composition overwhelmed me with feeling. How can an artist create such life, happiness and energy - it's truly amazing.

Near Embudo makes me feel happy to be alive. Have you ever had one of those days when the sun is shining and everything is stunningly beautiful and whatever you do just comes out right? Those are the special days I call "happy to be alive" days. They don't come along very often and when they do you have to take notice and thank the Universe. To me viewing Mr. Daughters work, especially Near Embudo, inspires feelings of thanks to be alive, thanks for so much beauty - thanks for the pure joy that life can sometimes be. I hope you can see it and feel it too.

Robert Daughters sets the bar very high - his work inspires me, makes me want to get out there and paint. I hope you've enjoyed this image of his work and I encourage you to go to the Meyer Gallery site to view their outstanding collection of his other paintings.


Gary said...

Glad to hear that I'm not the only huge fan of Robert Daughters. I am currently buying as many prints of Daughters as I can. They are in my opinion that the finest prints by the best current artist that I know.

Michael Chesley Johnson said...

I like Robert Daughters, too. I've enjoyed seeing his work at Meyer Galleries.

Scott said...

Robert Daughters is one of my favorite artists. I bought my first original for my wife for her birthday. Her favorite flower is the sunflower. What a great gift was to give her an original Robert Daughters.
I have 4-5 signed serigraphs that I need to sell. If interested, please email me at ask for Scott 9-13-11