Friday, May 2, 2008

5/21/08 - Replaced original Flip Cam video with better still picture.

Here is my newest completed painting. Just got the frame and I'm excited about how good it looks. The matt black really sets off the oranges and blues. I also got to try out my new Flip Cam video camera. What a great invention - it's extremely easy to use, about the size of a cell phone and lots of fun. However, my cat is really getting tired of starring in my short movies.

Ok, back to the painting - this is the San Francisco de Asis church in Ranchos de Taos, New Mexico. Georgia O'Keefe painted this church and this same view. The organic shapes and the color of the adobe make it outstanding to draw and paint. It's 30"x40" and the frame adds 5" all around so framed it's 40"x50"

Rats! I just realized that the video shows the size of the painting as compared to the art work on the walls around it and shows the frame but it really washes out the colors which are very vibrant in person. The large expanse of bright orange is almost over-powering. Oh well, the Flip Cam is fun but the color and and crispness is definitely not HD quality. :o)


Susan Carlin said...

Wow! I do love this painting. And now I'd like a closeup look at it and at that one on the wall... the still life. Greedy? Me???

Professor J said...

It's a lovely painting--it feels spiritual. Thank you for stopping by my blog--I love Jane Austen, too, and now you have the impetus to read Persuasion, no?

Frank Gardner said...

That painting looks real nice, and the frame. You should re post it just as a photo so we can see better color.
I followed over from a comment on Susan's blog, but now I realize that I have been here before.
I'll try and get back more often.

ChrisB said...

Hi Frank - thanks for writing. I love your work and am honored that you are checking out my blog and I appreciate your comments. I do plan to re-post a better picture soon.