Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I've decided to make at least one post per week even if I don't have any of my own work to show off. Happily just in the last few days I've come across two plein air painters that I'm very excited about. An artist friend of mine once told me that she was so into her own art that she never wanted to buy paintings by anyone else. I didn't really understand her feelings because I love to look at the work of other artists. It's exciting and motivates me in my own art. Besides, I'm a collector at heart and I don't think it's ever bad to support creative people. It's so much fun to buy a wonderful painting, hang it and enjoy looking at it. I only buy paintings that I like, things that speak to me - I've been interested in paintings of northern New Mexico scenes but these two artists I'm going to tell you about today are both from Northern California and paint plein air landscapes from that region.

Personally I find that the artists I'm drawn to usually have a background in illustration and these two are no exception. I hope you'll check out their web sites and enjoy their wonderful work.

Paul Kratter http://www.paulkratter.com/ and
Timothy Horn http://www.horndesign.com/

Enjoy - hope you're having a great week!


indiaartist said...

Thanks for the links. I already knew about Thimothy Horn, they both are great. Painting landscapes is more difficult for me. I admire those who do it seemingly so effortlessly.

ChrisB said...

Thanks for writing - it's nice to know that someone is out there looking at my blog.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

thanks for visiting my blog. I'm still transitioning but will be posting soon.
I checked out these two artists and they rock, in the current vernacular ;)

ChrisB said...

Thanks Mary - I enjoyed your blog and am glad I found it. Looking forward to your future paintings and posts. Glad you liked Tim Horn and Paul Kratter. I've had the pleasure of emailing with both of them and besides being very talented they are also very nice people.