Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Crosses - New Mexico

Photo Taken by Chris Bundy
Northern New Mexico is filled with crosses. Took this picture today - I like the starkness, who put these crosses in such a remote area? How many years have they stood and looked out over the landscape? What human stories have they witnessed? Why do I always need a story?

I've been busy sightseeing and haven't brought out the brushes -you'd think I'd learn and not always pack my supplies and lug them around when I know darn well that I'm going to get overwhelmed with information and not be able to get my head together to actually paint. It seems that I need time to process everything I see, put it through the filter of my mind - maybe this is me not getting out of the way. Maybe that's what is so great about plein air painting and makes it so fresh and appealing - you're on the spot and don't have time to "process." Don't get me wrong, I'm not putting processing down, we're all different afterall and whatever gets the paint to the canvas is ok with me. I'm just thinking out loud here - maybe I shouldn't admit that my mind is too slow to paint spontaniously. :)

The good news is that I have lots of new ideas for paintings swirling around in my head and my sketchbook is filling up - so it's all good. It will just stew until it's ready to spill out onto a canvas and I'll practice patience and let it work itself out. Take a deep breath Chris, look at that serene, peaceful picture of the crosses again. All is well in my world!

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