Monday, May 12, 2008

Box of Oranges ala Ed Carson

Recently I came across an East Coast artist - Ed Carson. I loved his painting Box of Oranges - his style is very different from my own or the landscapes I usually like. This painting is large, 30x40 and priced at $3000. I've found that trying to paint a replica of something that you like can teach you alot and it's fun to try and deconstruct the painting and put yourself into the artist's head.

Here is my 6x8 version of Ed Carson's Box of Oranges. I learned a lot, had a breakthrough on underpainting and edges and it was a lot of fun. I love the perspective, the box and the flaps, the oranges and that red strip across the top. Who knows, maybe my own style will move in this direction - only time will tell.


Susan Carlin said...

Cool idea and cool painting!

jilly ballantyne said...

thanks for the encouragement! if we all painted the same way we may as well just give up and take photographs!
I love the oranges! Paint some more!

Jilly in france