Friday, May 9, 2008

A Better Picture

oil on canvas

Finally, here is a better picture of my painting of the San Francisco de Asis church. I believe this picture is a better representation of the true colors. However, it looks slightly dull on my monitor, I hope it shows up bright and clear on yours.


Susan Carlin said...

Wow. Big difference in colors, for sure. Thanks for posting it.
Happy Mother's Day... a day early!

Kanna said...

This is a very nice painting, I like the graphic quality and strong color of your new paintings.
I'm a Timothy Horn fan too, I think I recognize the location of your painting, Pt. Reyes Station? If it is where I think it is, the No Parking (sign) written on the wall to the left (out of view) has been changed to say, No Barking.
Thanks for visiting my blog too!