Monday, December 10, 2012

Our First Snow - Taos, New Mexico

This photo was taken by my husband, Steve Bundy,
 a very talented professional photographer. 
Click on the photo above to visit his web site.  
You'll have no trouble telling his photographs from the ones I take
 with my phone and iPad.

Those of you who live in areas of the country that have snow in the winter might not understand my excitement at our first snow - please bear with me.  This is new to me.

Yesterday it snowed all day and was wonderful to watch.  At some point during the night the clouds went away and without that cover it got COLD!  A lot colder than it was when it was actually snowing.  This morning at 7:30 am it was sunny and bright and minus 12 degrees.

Morning Shadows - Chris Bundy

Late this afternoon it got up to 30 degrees, most of the snow in town was melting - all the cars had pretty much cleared the roads, at least the main ones.  However, as the sun went down and it got colder the wet patches turned to ice making walking very challenging.

I've never lived in an area where I had to contend with snow - southern California only has two weather options, nice and even nicer .  You never have to consider the weather when making plans; it's always OK to go outside.

Welcome to the mountains of northern New Mexico.  The weather is always something to take into account.  The saying "if you don't like the weather just wait 5 minutes" is true!  Taos is not a very big place and the weather can be different depending upon which part of town you're in.  It really is amazing. When it started snowing the Taos groups on Facebook were active with posts about what was happening in different neighborhoods.  Strangely we got snow in downtown before the north parts of Taos.

This winter, my first "real" winter, will be a huge learning curve for me.  I'm not sure how it will go because I've never been a big fan of snow.  I want to learn to love it, the state has been in a drought for a couple of years and the Rio Grande could really use the water - so like everyone else around here I'm praying for rain and lots of snow.  Also, Taos is a major ski destination, the tourists/skiers are very important to our economy - so please Universe, send us lots of beautiful powder and get those skiers up on the mountain.

I've been saying that at the first sign of snow I would head into my studio and come out in the spring with a new body of work.  I'm not going outside!  Happily, I currently have 5 paintings in various stages of completion as well as ideas for at least 5 more.  The new ideas involve fairly large canvases so I have more than enough to keep me busy for awhile.

Since I don't have anything painting-wise to show yet - I'll include pictures of snow and a short video;  made with my iPad yesterday - I love my iPad.

Thanks for stopping by and spending a few minutes reading, looking at pictures and watching the video.  I wish you Very Happy Holidays!  Are you as surprised as I am that 2013 is just days away?

2 comments: said...

I love Taos but am not fond of snow. I am so happy you finally made it your permanent home. I will see you in late spring, lol

Susan Carlin said...

Just beautiful! It's so true that you live in the Land Of Enchantment. Thank you for posting the photos and video!