Monday, January 30, 2012

The Ice Cream Cone

Ice Cream Cone
12x16 Oil on Canvas

Here's my newest painting, an ode to Wayne Thiebaud, a long-time favorite artist.  I've admired his style and decided to give it a try - I'm so happy with the result that I plan to spend some time on these seemingly easy one character still life subjects.

It looks simple and seems easy but can be deceptively challenging in practice.  I enjoyed this painting from start to finish and since it was done as a study - a practice piece just for me - the pressure was off.  Clearly I must find a way to get my mind into that attitude for every painting.  Just relax and enjoy the process, get over myself.  :o)


martinealison said...

Hummm! Moi qui adore la glace, je suis gâtée ce matin en ouvrant votre blog...
Une très jolie peinture.
gros bisous

Chris Bundy said...

Je vous remercie.

Frances Paxton said...

Loved the last line of your post, I need to remind myself of that more often!