Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Thoughts On the Process of Art Making

Please forgive me, I'm working on 4 different paintings currently and none of them are ready for pictures, so this post won't have any visual aides.  Lately it has become clear that at least for me on my art making journey, the finished product is not the important part of the process.

Of course we all want to have a nice painting at the end of the line - but the most important part of the whole thing is deep in the physical/mental act of bringing this new creation into the world.  Sitting or standing at your easel with the brush in your hand, making color decisions, mixing the paint, putting it onto the canvas - the nitty-gritty bit - that's where the artist gets her reward. 

Experiencing the zone, more or less being outside of yourself and letting the energy of the Universal conscientiousness of all artists take over and all that goes along with that - that's where the gold is.  The fact that in the end you have a wonderful painting to hang on the wall is secondary.

My hope and goal is to infuse each painting with the incredible feelings I experience as I'm painting.  In my opinion the biggest compliment a viewer could give an artist is the acknowledgment that they not only see but feel it too.

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