Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pueblo Shadows

Pueblo Shadows
Oil on canvas

Finished this a couple of days ago.  From a photograph that my husband took - I've always liked the shadows - stripes of light and dark.  The way the dirt color that dominates the piece pops next to the blue sky and the blue of the window frames.  It was so much fun to paint - hope you enjoy it.


martinealison said...

Très beau jeu de lumière et d'ombre effectivement... Vous avez bien jonglé ma chère, bravo, excellent travail.
Gros bisous.

Christina said...

Je vous remercie beaucoup. Je vous remercie de vos commentaires positifs et encourageants.

Susan Carlin said...

Omigosh. This is exciting. I want to see it fill a wall.... LARGE! The design and feeling of this painting is terrific. I love the direction you're going, Chris!