Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 1 - Daily Painting - 06.0.10

Lone Avocado 6"x8" 
Oil on panel

Here is painting #1.  It's not totally finished, but you get the idea of where it's going.  I'd say it's about 95% done, just needs some darker darks, some highlights, and maybe a few "bling" strokes.  All-in-all I'm happy with my first days output. 

I'm used to painting in stages, block in, let it dry.  Then the following layers with dry time in-between until it's done.  So, this finishing a small painting in an afternoon is new territory.  Actually it only took about 1.5 hours to get this far.  It needs to dry before I can apply the finishing touches.  I was happy that I stopped before I "noodled" it to death - which is what I tend to do, I know it's too wet to keep going but I don't want to stop.  Today I put the brush down and stepped away from the easel.  :o)

These quick studies are the daily practice for my larger work - like doing your scales when learning the piano.  :o)


Dee Sanchez said...

Chris, It's looking good! I think it's awesome that you have retired and can do what you love. What did you retire from? When I first started daily painting, I did one small painting every single day and eventually slowed down after about 6 months. Now it goes in cycles. I usually paint something every day but it's not always a small painting to sell.Sometimes it's commission work, sometimes it's for a show. The cool thing about daily painting is that it makes you SO much better. Just the act of getting out the brushes and working improves your skill so much. I still doubt myself all of the time! It just comes with the territory. You have to believe that there are millions of other artists out there selling work and yours means just as much as theirs and is just as good. And not everyone will like it, but plenty will. And don't worry about missing a day. It's about the journey, not the schedule! You go girl!

Chris Bundy said...

Thanks so much Dee - your words of encouragement really mean a lot! I know that life will eventually get in the way - like when we head to NM again - which I hope will be soon. So far I'm having a great time. I worked as a secretary - the admin asst to the Director of the Library at Palomar Community College. It was a great place to work if you have to work - but I'm so glad to be able to start my real life. :o)