Monday, May 25, 2009

Timothy Horn - Artist

Big Toys - 9x12 Oil

Just purchased this wonderful painting from artist
Timothy Horn and got his permission to share it here on my blog. I love Tim's work and he's a great person too. This is the second painting of his that I've been able to add to my growing collection.

Can you tell I have a thing about old trucks? The Air Stream trailer is great too, I've tried painting one myself and the reflections are hard. :o) Tim lives and works in a beautiful area of northern California - I hope to travel there sometime soon to take one of his China Camp workshops.

Hope you'll visit his web site - just click on his name above - and view his amazing work. Happy Memorial Day!


Susan Carlin said...

Hi Chris. I learned about Timothy Horn from you last year... and now you own one of his paintings! Wonderful choice. So, what are you painting these days, my dear???

John from Taos said...

What a GREAT painting! Just the kind of technique I like -- PUSH that paint --and perfect subject matter.