Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The "Dream" Easel

This is the Hughes 4000 - my dream easel and my Christmas present. Merry Christmas to me. I didn't paint this weekend because I was cleaning and rearranging my studio space (aka the garage) in anticipation of its arrival later this week. I'd never heard of a Hughes easel and when I visited my friend recently, artist Sandy Keller and saw hers I was blown away. This easel uses a counter balanced weight system that can be adjusted depending on the weight of the canvas - allowing you to raise and lower the tray with the touch of a finger. Anyone who paints large will understand how exciting that is. No more unscrewing the tray, cranking the winch with one hand while trying to catch the wet canvas as the tray goes vertical. I'm looking forward to its arrival and trying it out. Check out their web site - Hughes Easels

On another note - I just came across this great book and can't put it down. Written in 2004 by gallery owner Paul Dorrell it's the most straight forward description and explanation of the creative personality that I've ever read - and I read a lot. It also covers the in's and out's of the art business, resume writing, artist statements, how to get into a gallery. Mr. Dorrell has a unique perspective being both a writer (creative person) and a successful gallery owner (business person). His story is compelling and his advice sounds right on.

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Susan Carlin said...

Wow, Chris. You're completely outfitted now. Love the start on the big pink canvas. Sorry to have been so elusive. I'll try to be more present.