Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pecos, New Mexico

All Photos by Chris Bundy

I'm happy to say that I'm in my favorite place in the whole world again - yes, that's right - northern New Mexico. The two pictures above are from Pecos National Monument and are both of the early Spanish mission church that was built at the Pecos Pueblo.
This area is easy to visit, very accessible from the main parking area and are very impressive. There are more ruins, old walls, etc. that require a little more of a hike.
This past weekend the Taos Open Studio tour started and will continue next weekend too. We were also lucky enough to catch the last weekend of the High Road to Taos Open Studio Tour.
We met some very nice people who happen to be very talented artists who open their studios for a couple of days each year. These open studio tours are so much fun - lots of artists participate and there are detailed maps that are easy to follow.
Not crowded at all except for one stop at a community center in a small village where a bus had stopped. That building was crowded but proved to be good for the artist/vendors. I think that one bus load cleaned out most of the beautiful jewelry for sale at one table. I'm sure that made the artists day - not to mention the many ladies wearing new jewelry.

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Dan Arnsan said...

Dear CB,

Love your work and blog. Steve is a very talented photographer. You two don't do anything halfway.

I understand your enchantment with the enchanted state.