Thursday, May 22, 2008

Off to Taos, New Mexico

Photo Take by Chris Bundy

I'm off to Taos, New Mexico for an entire week - oh happy days! I've said it before so I apologize if I'm repeating myself, but Taos is my favorite place on earth. Who would have thought that this third generation native Californian would wake up and find herself pulled to northern New Mexico - where did that come from? I have no idea.

Taos is an artist's paradise - the most incredible light - I've only personally seen this special light before in Paris, France - although I'm sure it exists wherever the atmospheric setting is right. Over the years I've been impressed with the work of the Impressionists and always marveled at the light they captured in their paintings. Then on a visit to Paris I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the light that is natural to that city. I realized that the Impressionists were painting what they saw, literally. Ok, they're still great artists, but they are great artists who were lucky enough to live and work in a place with very special natural light.

So I'm off to Taos, land of beauty - not to mention green chile. I probably won't be posting because even though the light is so nice, the Internet connectivity is questionable. I wish you all the best, positive creative energy, and a wonderful week. Thanks for visiting and reading my ramblings.


Frank Gardner said...

Taos looks like a beautiful place. I have never been, but would love to one of these days.
Have a great trip.

ChrisB said...

Hi Frank - If you like San Miguel you'd love Taos - it's the closest thing to Mexico that's still in the US.