Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Two New Paintings

This still life was painted from a wonderful
workshop CD offered by Tom Brown.
I bought the CD's, followed Mr. Brown's very easy and thorough instructions and this is the finished result. It's my first multi-item still-life and I'm very happy with it. Hey, who knew grapes would be such difficult subject matter? :o)

This is a simple whimsical landscape I did for fun - mostly to work with yellow-green.

These new paintings are 6"x8" - after the workshop I've decided to stick with this smaller format - for awhile anyway. I've also fallen in love with Ray Mar panels (google Ray Mar panels) - the feeling is different from the give of a stretched canvas and it did take a while to get use to that, but now I like it better - at least at the moment. The great thing about painting is that you can change your mind and your opinion as often as you find it necessary. :o)
I'm convinced that daily painting - or as close to that committment as humanly possible for someone who has a full time day job and a life is the most important thing an artist can do - at least one who is interested in moving forward and improving their skills and increasing knowledge of both paint and brushes and how to use them.
After painting for years (or trying to), taking classes, reading books, searching for secrets - I've finally found the secret to being an artist - get ready, here it comes...the secret to painting is -
As much and as often as possible. The more you paint, the more you learn - there is no getting around it,
paint, paint, paint.
There are a few more paintings currently drying in my studio (aka garage) right now - I hope to post them soon.

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