Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Carol Marine Workshop - Santa Fe, NM September 2007

Carol - Starting a Demo

Class Watching the Demo
Two of my paintings from the week

The Carol Marine workshop in Santa Fe in early September was everything I had hoped it would be. Besides the fact that it took place in Santa Fe which is one of my favorite places on earth; both Carol and the entire class were great. We worked hard, took in intensive amounts of information, and had lots of fun.

Attempting to learn Carol's methods and techniques was not easy for me as they were almost totally different from the way I normally paint - but the struggle was worth it. I was overwhelmed with information by Friday, but I'm happy to say that these new ideas have churned around in my head, been digested and are now available for my use on future paintings. Besides being very nice, a talented artist and a smart business woman, Carol proved to be an interesting and creative teacher. Her demos were inspiring and I hope, among other things, to reach her level of confidence in painting.

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