Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Giving It Up for Steve Bundy

The Night Church - Steven Bundy Photography

Steven Bundy Photography Website

Happy News to Share –
We just found out that my husband's  photograph of the Ranchos Church at Night has been accepted into the Photography 2010: Contrasting Landscapes show at the LH Horton Jr Gallery at San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton, CA. Carol McCusker, a highly qualified juror, was the judge and it's a real honor to have an image included in this prestigious show.

Show dates are November 18 – December 16, 2010 – if you’re in the Stockton area check it out.

As far as my painting endeavors are concerned, I'm still plugging away.  Have been painting larger canvases that can't be finished in a day.  My larger work takes a few days to dry inbetween each work session so painting everyday isn't always possible.  I know, I know, I should be working on another painting or two at the same time so I'd always have something to work on - however I'm finding it hard to switch my mind from one painting to the next so am not there with multiple paintings at the same time.  And, painting everyday is harder and takes more dedication than I had anticipated.  Insert BIG SMILE here.  Right now I'm working on a white Datura flower and am learning a lot about white - mostly that white isn't white!  As soon as I feel it's ready for sharing I'll post a picture - it's not there yet. 

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Marlene said...

Congrats to Steven! I think of you with happy thoughts knowing you are enjoying the dream of living in New Mexico.

Wonder if you had crazy weather this summer/fall in NM. Certainly in AZ it has been super hot, while most of the summer here was COLD. However, the past 2 weeks we've had very hot days before the storms hit.

Pray you're taking care of yourself and that the legs/knees are less painful now that there isn't the daily 'grind' to go through.

Peace be yours, Marlene Forney