Thursday, December 3, 2009

Paintings - Looking Back

Since we've been traveling lately, not to mention Thanksgiving, upcoming Holiday plans and my mom is in the hospital after falling and breaking her hip - I haven't had too much time to get out to the easel so though I'd post a couple of pictures of older paintings. 

Hope everyone reading this blog is well and enjoying the winter season.  Happy Holidays!

I call this one "The Orange Man"
36x24 Oil


Ranchos Church
11x14 Oil

Abiquiu Church
8x10 Oil

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lmtfitts said...

I love the picture entitled watercolor. The shape of the roof, the birds and the way the barbed wire fence curls are my favorite parts of this composition. But as in many of your pictures I find that I respond to your colors. The color of roof stands out and contrasts well with blue of the bushes and the mountains. I really love this picture as you can tell :-)

This may seem an odd question but I wonder what color are your eyes? I have blue eyes and I think I see colors differently than people with brown eyes. Just an odd little theory I have...