Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

We're in Taos this week prior to the New Year - here are two of Steve's photos taken in the last couple of days. It's sunny and warm here with a good base of snow. I love Taos so am very happy to be here again and to welcome the New Year in my favorite place.

Thank you for keeping up with my blog - I appreciate your time and your interest. Being in Taos inspires me and fills me with new creative energy. I look forward to having many more paintings to post in the next few weeks. As always I have lots of ideas floating around inside my head and look forward to bringing them into existence.

Have a wonderful New Year - I look forward with great anticipation to 2009 and believe it will prove to be exceptional for all of us. Always remember that thoughts become things, so choose the good ones. Stay positive, be happy and best wishes for perfect health.

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