Sunday, September 21, 2008

The White Cross

6x8 Oil
This is my latest small painting - I'm still into churches in New Mexico. I'm very happy with this one, hope you like it too.

I'm currently working on three large 36x48 canvases, each with a single avocado. Actually an avocado half. One with the seed in and two with just the hole, no seed. I started yesterday and had one blocked when I stopped for the day. Did the 2nd canvas today as well as a portion of the third which I intend to finish tomorrow. They're coming together quicker than I expected and are looking good even in this stage - and that's major for me as I usually tend to get discouraged at this stage. :o) I don't know about you but I love giant paintings of individual fruits and vegetables. I'm allergic to avocados in reality so don't usually get to enjoy them, but even if I can't eat them they're sure great to paint.


Susan Carlin said...

Hi Chris- I get so excited when I see a new painting from you... evidence that you're giving yourself that time with the paint and the canvas. Love it!

ChrisB said...

Hi Susan - thanks for keeping up with me and you nice comment. I think you'll really love the new avocado paintings. Three large canvases 36x48, each with a single half of an avocado. When they are finished I intend to hang them together, the outside two with the hole only, no seed, the middle one with the seed. It's weird to describe it, probably sounds strange, but it's going to look good together. Can't wait to have pictures to share. Hope things are good with you.