Friday, September 5, 2008

Ranchos de Taos Church

8x6 Oil on panel
One could sit in the parking lot of this beautiful old adobe Church all day just watching the changes and incredible views that take place every time the light changes. The organic shapes of the adobe form of the building along with the shadows and highlights provided by the sun make this a source of unlimited painting opportunity. To think that I am simply another painter in a long line of artists who have found this very spot inspirational fills me with gratitude. The earth holds so much beauty in so many different forms I am thankful to be able to appreciate it and paint it to the best of my ability.
For those of you who also participate in some form of creativity, painting, drawing, writing, photography, sculpture, ceramics, making music, sewing a quilt - I could go on and on - you know what I'm talking about. About the process itself, the way it helps you to see, to remember who you are and get in touch with yourself. The final product is secondary, the process is the ultimate meditation - the ultimate gift from the Universe.

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