Thursday, August 14, 2008

Newest Painting - Part II

Posted this in early July in a very different form. Ok, it's the same painting but I changed a lot, colors, bushes - stuff like that. This particular painting is different from what I usually do and I like it a lot. I like the composition and the looseness of the basic drawing and painting. I suppose you could say it's a bit "cartoonie" but that's what I like about it. It was a lot of fun to paint and that's what's really important.


Susan Carlin said...

Chris, I'd love to hear about your process in making the changes you made in this painting.. the "why this and why not that" stuff... if you wanted to share.

ChrisB said...

Hi Susan - so you want me to "show my work." :o) Thanks for asking, that's an interesting concept and I'm in the process of thinking about it and figuring out how to put it into words. I am going to do a post on my thought process on this particular painting - its coming.