Friday, August 1, 2008

Gracie in Neon

I've been away in the wilds of southwestern Utah recently and don't have any new oil paintings to post so I'm posting this Photoshop enhanced picture of my cat Gracie. I love Photoshop it's so much fun to play with.

This is not the time of year one would usually pick for a vacation in and around St. George, Utah but had some obligations that couldn't wait. Thankfully it was not so hot that I couldn't bear it and the dry climate helps. When it's in the high 90's it feels very comfortable and when it gets hotter it makes it more bearable. But still, 105+ is HOT. :o)

If you haven't experienced the beautiful scenery around St. George, Zion National Park and Kanab, UT go to Google images and search for photos. Not as good as seeing it in person but you'll get the idea.

Now that I've settled back in and have my laundry done I intend to get back to my easel this weekend. Hope to have something to post soon.

Happy weekend!

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