Sunday, July 13, 2008

Newest Painting

12x12 Oil on Canvas with value sketch on the right

I'm sharing this new painting with you even though it is only in the block in stage and the pictures aren't very good. I've found that when I post pictures it helps me to see the problem areas.

It would be nice if through these pictures you could share the fun I had in bringing the painting to this stage. I did the value sketch and got excited to start and when I did it somehow seemed to paint itself. I love it when that happens! :o) I'm very happy with the building and the mountains in the background too, even through I see that they are too much the same colors and tones as the building and compete with it. I have to darken them and try to make them recede into the background.

The foreground needs work too - I'm thinking of lightening the pathway as well as correcting the directional mistake I made on the piles of rocks. I'm also not thrilled with the cross on the right in the very front but I'm not sure what to do about that yet. My chamisa bushes are looking pretty sick at this point too. :o) Think I've got to say extra prayers to the muse to get those to come out of my paintbrush as beautifully as I have them pictured inside my head.


Susan Carlin said...

The colors and shapes in this one are so soothing. How does it feel to paint it?

ChrisB said...

Hi Susan - It felt great to paint - very much like I was the paintbrush being used by some other entity. :o) There is much to be done and a couple of things to totally change but all in all I'm very happy with it. Wish the pictures were better and showed the teal green that I discovered. I love teal green and teal blue. Hope you are good - I miss our email.